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    Game/Event-Used LOT for Sale---$75 dlvrd

    Offered this lot up to someone yesterday for $75 (dlvrd)
    I was supposed to hear back from them last night, but didnt.
    So...Offering it up to whoever else might want it.

    Eli Manning, 04 Sweet Spot, Sweet Swatches #SW-EM
    Eli Manning, 04 Reflections, Focus on the Future #FO-EM
    Carson Palmer, 03 Honor Roll, Dean’s List #DL-SC (175/200)
    Carson Palmer, 03 Gridiron Kings, Royal Expectations #RE-3
    Carson Palmer, 05 UD Rookie Debut, Sunday Swatches #SU-CP
    Carson Palmer, 05 SPx, Swatch Supremacy #SW-CP
    Philip Rivers, 04 Hot Prospects, Hot Materials #HM-PR (061/500)
    Matt Schaub, 04 Foundations #252 (0383/1299)
    Matt Schaub, 04 UD, Rookie Future Jerseys #RF-M5
    Chad Johnson, 05 Turkey, Black Jersey #TRR-CJ (08/99)
    Chad Johnson/Troy Williamson, 05 Reflections, Cut From the Same Cloth #CC-WJ
    Ronnie Brown & Rudi Johnson, 05 Reflections, Cut from the same Cloth #CC-JB
    Larry Fitzgerald, 05 ESPN, SportsCenter Swatches #SCS-LF
    Michael Vick, 03 Fleer Showcase, Football’s Best #FB-MV
    Eli Manning, 04 Hogg Heaven, Leather in Leather #LL-21 (175/250)

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