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    Tradeing Football GU/Autos for GBA/DA games/systems

    Just as the title says..tradeing for GBA/DS Games and systems.My kids love these and thought ide give it a try.Would like to trade for these if possiable so if you have one or two FT lmk and look over my site.Also lmk how much in trade your looking to get for em as well....Thanks in advance...

  2. SCC - Feb 2018
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    03 fleer mystique clinton portis/travis henery/william green-rare finds-portis jersey #erd 223/299
    03 fleer mystique clinton portis/travis henery/william triple jersey #erd 115/150 a different shades of white
    02 leaf rc and stars clinton portis-freshamn orientation-GU jersey/blue

    do you have scans? im only looking to buy can go buy a game then lol...

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    i really dont sell sportscards bro...make a fair offer though pm..i dont care what these sell for on please no offense to you or anyone else

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