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    Free Inserts, Rcs etc (Read inside, Updated list)

    All I ask is feedback and shipping via paypal or SASE. Want to rid these from my box and they are the last of my small BKB tradelist. Limit 1 per person and I am asking 65 cents to cover shipping or the SASE. If someone really wants more than one can alter shipping rates.


    05-06 Topps Chrome RCs:
    #183 Francisco Garcia
    #204 Brandon Bass
    #224 Darnell Miller
    #242 Harvey Thomas

    98-99 Upper Deck Encore Bonus RCs:
    #144 Jason Williams
    #145 Paul Pierce

    98-99 Upper Deck Encore Future Watch RCs:
    #124 Doleac, #128 Drew, #129 Garrity


    98-99 Upper Deck Encore Intensity:

    98-99 Upper Deck Encore Rookie Encore Larry Hughes

    98-99 Upper Deck Encore Driving Forces Ray Allen

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    Anyone? Can just do the whole lot for 3 bucks, really want to move these out!

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