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    Thumbs up Luxury Box 7 Game Jersey Card!!


    Here is my Trade/Sell List(Some will sell for cheap others will be harder):

    Game Used

    05-06 Luxury Box Stat Sheet Tracy McGrady Warm-Up(Blue)/Troy Murphy Jersey(Red)/Allen Iverson Shooting Shirt(Blue)/Ben Wallace Jersey(White)/Andre Iguodala Jersey(Blue)/Stephon Marbury Jersey(Black)/Corey Maggette Jersey(White) 7 Jersey Card #/140

    Rookies and Inserts

    05-06 Luxury Box Orien Greene Rc #/999

    05-06 Luxury Box Steve Nash Main Reserved #/100

    05-06 Luxury Box Shaquille O'Neal Season Ticket

    05-06 Luxury Box Shaquille O'Neal Tier Reserved #/430

    05-06 Luxury Box Fabricio Oberto Tier Reserved Rc #/430

    04-05 E-XL Dwyane Wade

    04-05 Hoops Hot Prospects Lebron James

    05-06 SP Authentic Lebron James

    03-04 Topps T.J. Ford Rc(x3)

    03-04 Bazooka T.J. Ford Rc

    03-04 Bazooka Comics T.J. Ford Rc

    03-04 Fleer Authentix T.J. Ford Ticket Studs Rc

    03-04 Fleer Ultra Luke Walton Rc

    03-04 Topps Chrome T.J. Ford Rc

    02-03 Upper Deck Shaquille O’Neal I Love LA

    02-03 Fleer Tradition Shaquille O’Neal All-Stars

    02-03 Fleer Authentix Shaquille O’Neal Courtside Classics

    02-03 Fleer Tradition Yao/Nikoloz/Nene Trio Rc

    02-03 Fleer Tradition Gooden/Amare/Qyntel Trio Rc

    02-03 Topps Drew Gooden Rc

    03-04 Topps Kirk Hinrich Rc (x3)

    92-93 Ultra Alonzo Mourning Rc

    98-99 Topps Draft Redemption Draft Pick #22 Rc

    98-99 Topps Draft Redemption Draft Pick #11 Rc

    03-04 Fleer Ultra Eddie Griffin Platinum Medallion #/100

    04-05 Skybox Limited L.E. Donta Smith Rc Ruby #/50

    02-03 Fleer Tradition Nick Van Exel Silver #/199

    01-02 Fleer Premium Omar Cook Rc Ruby #/50

    03-04 Fleer Authentix Latrell Sprewell Balcony #/250

    04-05 Skybox Fresh Ink Ron Artest Gold #/50

    02-03 UD Generations Carlos Boozer Rc #/999 #209

    02-03 UD Generations Carlos Boozer Rc #/999 #84

    02-03 Fleer Premium Juan Dixon Rc #/1500

    03-04 Fleer Platinum Shaquille O'Neal Scouting Report #/400

    03-04 Flair Shaquille O'Neal Hot Numbers #/500

    02-03 UD Generations Jay Williams Rc #/999

    02-03 Fleer Premium Vince Carter Emerald #/300

    02-03 Fleer Premium Baron Davis Prime Time #/1500

    02-03 Stadium Club Shawn Marion Photo Parallel #/500

    03-04 Topps Chrome Derek Anderson Refractor #/500

    04-05 Skybox E-XL Andre Emmett Rc #/899

    03-04 Skybox Autographics Chris Kaman Rc #/1500

    04-05 Bowman Andre Iguodala Rc

    98-99 Topps John Stockton Roundball Royalty Refractor

    03-04 Bazooka Kirk Hinrich Mini Rc

    04-05 UD Rookie Scrapbook Emeka Okafur Rc

    98-99 Topps Antoine Walker Gold Label

    03-04 Hoops Hot Prospects Vince/Garnett Sweet Selections

    96-97 UD Collector's Choice Jermaine O'Neal Rc

    98-99 Topps Bill Russell Classic Collections

    98-99 Topps Paul Pierce Rc(x2)

    98-99 Topps Mike Bibby Rc

    98-99 Topps Antawn Jamison Rc(x3)

    98-99 Press Pass Vince Carter Net Burners Rc

    98-99 Press Pass Vince Carter Gold Rc(x2)

    98-99 Press Pass Vince Carter Red Rc

    98-99 Press Pass Vince Carter Rc

    02-03 Hoops Hot Prospects Kobe Bryant

    03-04 UD Victory Kobe Bryant Monster Jams

    02-03 Topps Finest Kobe Bryant

    02-03 Topps Kobe Bryant Love It Live

    03-04 Upper Deck MVP Kobe Bryant Silver

    03-04 Upper Deck Kobe Bryant Popular Acclaim

    02-03 Upper Deck Inspirations Kobe Bryant

    02-03 Topps Chrome Mike Dunleavy Rc

    02-03 Topps Chrome Jamaal Tinsley Refractor

    02-03 Topps Chrome Mike Miller Refractor

    03-04 Topps Chrome Cuttino Mobley Refractor

    02-03 Topps Nowitzki/Finley Top Tandems(x2)

    02-03 Topps Vince/Morris Top Tandems

    03-04 Bowman Yao Ming Gold

    03-04 Topps Chrome Tony Allen Rc

    03-04 Fleer Genuine Shaquille/Yao Scoring Threats

    99-00 Upper Deck Retro Nate Archibald #/250

    1989 Hoops David Robinson Rc

    96-97 Fleer Metal Michael Jordan

    03-04 UD Victory Michael Jordan Farewell To A Legend #230

    03-04 UD Victory Michael Jordan Farewell To A Legend #228

    02-03 Upper Deck Michael Jordan Dunkvision

    1991 Fleer Michael Jordan League Leaders

    02-03 Fleer Authentix Michael Jordan

    02-03 Upper Deck Honor Roll Michael Jordan Award Performances

    02-03 Upper Deck MVP Michael Jordan Tribute To Greatness

    02-03 Topps Jordan/Hamilton Top Tandems

    03-04 Upper Deck MVP Kirk Hinrich Rc

    03-04 Fleer Tradition Kirk Hinrich Rc

    03-04 Ultra Josh Howard Rc

    03-04 UD Top Prospects Josh Howard Rc

    03-04 Topps Josh Howard Rc

    03-04 UD Rookie Exclusives Josh Howard Rc

    02-03 Upper Deck Nene Hilario Rc(x2)

    02-03 Upper Deck MVP Nene Hilario Rc

    02-03 Upper Deck Tayshaun Prince Rc

    02-03 Topps Tayshaun Prince Rc(x2)

    03-04 Bazooka Chris Kaman Gold Rc

    03-04 Fleer Platinum Chris Kaman Rc(x2)

    03-04 Upper Deck MVP Chris Kaman Rc

    03-04 Topps Chris Kaman Rc(x2)

    05-06 Press Pass Gerald Green Rc

    05-06 Press Pass Julius Hodge Old School Rc

    05-06 Press Pass Deron Williams Old School Rc

    Here Are My Brother's Cards

    He Needs Money For A Guitar

    Game Used

    04-05 Topps Pristine David Wesley Fantasy Favorites Refractor Jersey #17/25(Not Priced Due To Scarcity)

    Rookies and Inserts

    04-05 Upper Deck Exclusives Jason Kidd Rainbow #2/25(Not Priced Due To Scarcity)

    02-03 Upper Deck Emanuel Ginobili Rc

    72-73 Topps Julius Erving Rc(Scratch In Middle of Card)

    90-91 Fleer Michael Jordan All-stars BV$12

    99-00 Topps Michael Jordan Gold Label BV$15

    03-04 Fleer Authentix Paul Pierce Club Box #87/100

    03-04 Fleer Authentix Yao Ming Balcony #92/250

    98-99 Fleer Showcase Tracy Mcgrady Rc
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    How much for these

    7 GU luxary box
    02-03 Topps Chrome Mike Dunleavy Rc

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    lan- Please give me an offer for them. If you I don't get a lot for the 7 Game Jersey Card, I will keep it.

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    lan- I believe the Dunleavy books at $8.

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    lan- Please let me know what we can work out.

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    What do you consider "a lot" for the 05-06 Luxury Box Stat Sheet 7 Jersey Card? Do you have a scan of the 72-73 Topps Julius Erving Rc(Scratch In Middle of Card)?

    Thanks - fdgowin

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    fdgowin- It only books $30, I will sell for $20 and please give me an offer for the Erving, the most I got was $50.

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