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    Need your help with some Bvs!!!

    Can somebody please give me the Beckett value of these cards:

    2000-01 Fleer Autographics 46 Desmond Mason
    2004-05 Skybox Fresh Ink Property of Patches 29 Andrei Kirilenko
    2005-06 SP Game Used Authentic Fabrics Gold AN Antawn Jamison
    2005-06 Ultimate Collection Jerseys UJJG Joey Graham
    2005-06 Ultimate Collection Premium Swatches PSVC Vince Carter

    your help is much appreciated!

    thanks chris

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    post this in the Basketball Card Talk. You will get some responses there. But, I'll help you now. Going from top to bottom on your list you posted:

    1. $15-20
    2. $20
    3. not priced yet
    4. not priced yet
    5. not priced yet
    Go Grizzlies and Go Pacers!

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    thanks for your help.

    on ebay somebody already had an BV for the graham ($40), so there seems to be a pricing for it.

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