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    Your Favorite Team Auto & Gu Lots For Sale

    If you want a sample, check my Ebay auction that I just put up for a Minnesota Twins team lot of autos and game used. LOADED with hall of famers, stars, crazy patches, autos, etc. I can tailor a package towards your favorite team. Serious inquiries ONLY, please. The price you want to pay dictates how good your lot is! My usual charges:
    GAME USED: (if not very low numbered)
    Commons and Regional Stars: $2
    Minor and Semi stars $2.50
    STARS: $3 and up

    Commons and regional stars $2.50
    Minor Stars 50% of book usually
    Stars 65% of book

    For example, if you tell me you want a $20 Devil Rays lot, you would get about 2 minor autos and 5 or 6 game used. If you said you wanted a $100 Devil Rays lot, you would get bigger dollar cards, like a Carl Crawford Sweet Spot auto or a Crawford DK auto #/5 and some game used, etc. Again, SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY, PLEASE! If you want, I also have base and numbered cards, but can not afford the time to list tell me your team and I'll put it together. Thanks for looking!

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    Steelgreats and dolphins.......I have about 50 -60 or more gu and autos of almsot every least!!! How much are you looking to spend? I have LOADS of BRaves cards guys can see a sampling of the cards by looking at my web site (not bucket) , but many of the better cards are not on there yet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dolphinsfan0212
    well do u have any mets cards of david wright
    No game used or auto......I have one #ed to 25 #174 2005 Playoff Prestige PROSPECT It books at 20X1.50 = $30...I also have some 2006 Topps of him

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    ok well never mind not interested because i dont have that much money

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    Quote Originally Posted by atrain2004
    colorado rockies
    Some combination of these:
    Rockies Autos

    Dohman Scott 2004 SP Authentic Future Watch #128 202/999 sell $3

    Olson Tim 2005 Playoff prestige #97 $3

    Petrick Ben 2000 Bowmans Best Locker Room Collection #LRCA5 $3

    Salazar Jeff 2004 Bowmans Best first year #BB-JS bv $12 sell $3

    Speier Ryan 2005 Donruss Classics #219 740/1200 sell $3

    Sullivan Cory 2004 Absolute Memorabilia RC #208 SPECTRUM 135/250 $3

    Rockies Game Used

    Jeromy Burnitz

    2004 Studio Game Day Souvenir white jersey with stripe (OF) #gd-30 205/300

    Mike Hampton

    2001 Fleer Authority Diamond Cuts GU SHOE!!!!

    Todd Helton

    2002 Flair Jersey Heights grey jersey

    2002 Fleer Authentix white jersey #JA-TH RIPPED

    2002 Playoff Piece of the Game bat #POG-82

    2003 Fleer Double Header white jersey with purple stripe

    2003 Fleer Genuine Aeticle white jersey #GA-TH2

    2003 Fleer Patchworks Licensed Apparel grey jersey with purple stripe #TH-LA 251/500

    2003 Fleer Showcase Sweet Stitches white jersey with 2 stripes #SS-TH 745/899

    2003 Playoff Piece of the Game white jersey with purple stripe #POG-94

    2003 Topps 206 white jersey #TR-TH

    2004 Leather and lumber purple jersey #49 249/250

    2004 Playoff Prestige Players Collection grey jersey #PC-93

    2004 Studio Masterstrokes dual GU white jersey / bat #MS-1 31/50

    2004 Studio Spirit of the Game purple jersey #SOG-11 17/100

    2004 Ultra Hitting machines grey jersey #HM-TH

    2004 UD r-class grey jersey #TH

    2005 Fleer Showcase Measure of Greatness white jersey with pruple stripe #MG/TH

    2005 Fleer Showcase Swing Time white jersey with purple stripe #ST-TH 392/610

    Larry Walker

    2002 UD Stars of 89 purple jersey #SL-LW

    2004 Donruss Timber and Threads bat #TT-30

    Preston Wilson

    2004 Donruss World Deries National League bat #WS-64 35/100

    2005 Topps Bazooka Blasts bat #BB-PW

    For a higher dollar lot, I have a Helton low #ed game used jersey with button and I think I have a Webb auto laying around somewhere

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