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Thread: 2006 topps heritage needs.

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    2006 topps heritage needs.

    I need the following:

    Commons # 11-15-24-45-58-65-85-97-103-110-114-131-138-145-168-177-207-208-210-219-238-240-255-259-275-373-412-477-481

    SP's # 2-10-76-91-99-106-123-265-266-268-269-271-272-274-277-278-280-281-282-284-286-287-288-289-290-293-294-295-297-298-299-302-303-304-308-309-310-311-312-313-314-315-316-318-319-321-322-323-325-326-327-330-336-338-340-341-342-343-344-345-346-347-352-400-407

    If any of you have these cards let me know. i have plenty of commons, a couple of SP's, some chromes and an extra mantle. Plus check out my trade list. I have some g/u's and autos Ill let go of to complete this set.
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    I will get with you when all my lots come in. I have around 1000 commons coming from this set.


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