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Thread: Really need these 2 cards

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    Really need these 2 cards

    04/05 topps chrome Ben Gordon RC
    04/05 Topps chrome Emeka Okafor RC

    please let me know if you have them and what you want from ym site....

    thanks everyone

  2. SCC - Feb 2018
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    I have Okafor, would like to trade for your Pristine uncirc. Okafor, if interested, check my site for something to even up the trade and pm me, thanks

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    like the JR smith

    i like Both JR Smith cards but the topps is closer to a fair trade....let me know if thats ok with you? or if you liked something else to trade me all three let me know.....

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    I have the Okafor chrome refractor rc if interested

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    I like the luxury autos of Childress and Harris would you consider one of those?

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    cant do those for the okafor sorry thanks though

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