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Thread: Mixed Box BReak

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    Mixed Box BReak

    I bought one of those mixed boxes from target and heres what i got:

    2005 Allstar Classics midsummer swatches Jim Thome GU JSY

    2005 Allstar Classics All star Future Jose Capellan

    2005 Topps Total DUO FY Chris seddon/Elliott Johnson

    2005 UD MVP Batter Up Monte Irvin

    2005 Topps Barry Bonds HR History 441

    2005 Topps FY Dana Eveland

    2005 Topps FY Erik Schindewolf

    2005 Cracker Jack FY Estee Harris

    2005 Topps Total Total Production Jim Thome

    2005 Topps Chrome Refractor Joe Blanton

    2005 Zenith Triple mozaics DTRAIN/Mike Lowell/ AJ Burnett

    2005 Fleer Cooperstown tribute Johnny Bench

    I thought i did well, everything fs/ft

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    also got 2 unopened packs of 2003 fleer mlb 3d stars

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