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Thread: Is this game used?

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    Question Is this game used?

    I might get one of these. It is an autograph on a piece of wood, is the wood a piece of his game used bat, or just a piece of wood?

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    I don't know whether it is GU'd or not but it is a great looking card. I say buy it.

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    you had best buy it because it is tempting me and i cant afford to buy anything else

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    Go ahead tutall, if it was game used I probably would have bought it but it isn't :)

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    the problem is i dont want to buy it... i want to but i cant

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    I have a Xavier Nady Sweet Sig auto for sale. Just like that one. It looks as if it is his actuall game bat but it's not. It is wood that kepps and autograph. Tutall you interested in buying mine?!?!LOL

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