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Thread: trading time

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    trading time

    i looking to get rid of some cards i don't want and add some new cards to my collection so lets trade. lmk if you see anything on my site thanks

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    Check my list for the Charlie V auto, Rip Hamioton auto, and possibly Jamison Auto

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    Whats the bv on the Shaun Livingston Press Pass auto 40/200?

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    i'm interested in a couple here. they are:

    Shaun Livingston SPA RC AU
    Spud webb 03-04 ud legends
    dwight howard flashback fabrics

    lmk if i can do anything for any of them

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    i like the two telfair, andre miller and devin harris autos lmk how much ur willing to sell them for or what ur looking for in return thanks

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