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Thread: wanna make more trades?

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    wanna make more trades?

    wanna make more trades?

    please click this link and then go to 100 most visited site and then click our link to come back so that we moved from second to first, we will get more member by being first I firmly believe that, or you can clivk the banner on the home page under the place where are the members that are signed on.

    make sure you click the 100 most visited sites and then click the SCF site and it will bring you back here, and if you want to, you can also go back and click the 25 most active site and do the same thing, as well


  2. SCC Cyber Week 2017
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    Last day of the month and we're in second place... we need support!

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    ok lets's do this...

    Click our link and it will bring you back to our site.

    ok 15 minutes left in the voting...if you haven't do it now...

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    I clicked it a couple of times but it didn`t seem to do anything to the click rate

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    yeah it will register and 1 click is enough...keep it up about once a week...

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