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    Arrow Rice Rc for trade...Looking for Marino or Elway Rc (or gu)

    Hey Guys,

    I have a good condition Jerry Rice Topps Rc bv 80

    ONLY TRADING: Marino or Elway Rc or Gu in Return (prefferably Marino Rc)
    unless I get a nice star auto

    Plmk if you are interested and if you have something I am looking for, for it

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    will have a digital pic avaliable by e-mail by tomorrow...any idea how i could scan it and put a link up? i can't figure it out???

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    Well the scanner program doesn't work and I screwed up Outlook Express trying to send a scan so now all modes of pictures are gone

    The Rice is in pretty good condition and only problems are minor chipping and the top left corner has slight damage.....

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    C'mon the best wide receiver in history and nobody wants his RC...Let's Make a DEAL!

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