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Thread: NCAA Foobtall 07...

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    NCAA Foobtall 07...

    Is this also coming out for regular xbox.

  2. Kronozio
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    NVM ansewered my own question.

    Anyone else plan on picking up this game. EA added a bunch of cool new stuff, like momentun shift. Looks like its gonna be a sweet game.

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    I am , first day it comes out ....hopefully it is awesome ....I really liked ncaa 06'

    What day does it come out ?

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    well I guess im not getting the first day then , get paid friday or saturday so will get it then :) ...are you buying it before fri. or sat ? ifso could you tell me how good it is

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    im dissapointed that Vince Young wasnt on the cover. anyone agree/disagree?

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    disagree , but then again i hate him . Who's on it ? isnt Reggie Bush ?

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    But atleast they didnt put a guy that had been out of college for a while on the cover like they did last year with putting Desmond Howard on the cover . I still dont understand that

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    Quote Originally Posted by nman0808
    Is this also coming out for regular xbox.

    is it???????

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