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Thread: Super Ebay Win

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    Super Ebay Win

    I just won a great Carson Palmer Auto card that books $120. This is the crown of my growing personal Palmer collection

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    Great buy! Just that card a 60 dollar card or a 120 dollar card? Since nobody really goes by Beckett....

    If I was the guy who sold it to you, I would have kept it. Good luck for you! :)

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    The Beckett listing is $120. The guy could of gotten more for it if he would of set up his auction better. I'f I was to sell it (which I won't) I could of gotten at least $95-$100 for it. Better descriptions and longer auctions usually do the trick

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    Talking Dallas Cowboys Cards

    Any one else collect just one team. I have begun a collection of Dallas Cowboys cards and was wondering if anyone else collected primarly one team.

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    I collect Bengals cards.

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    I have the topps rc pemiere auto of Palmer book value of $120 &
    I also have the Dual auto #/75 of Palmer & Leftwich from topps Draft Picks & Prospects !! book value $500 would you be intrested ??

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    Nice buy man.. that is a great card to add to the collection

    nice cards car.. are those his best two rookies you can possibly get ahold of ungraded :-/


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    Yeah Tim I got the card a couple of days ago and it's a real beauty.

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