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Thread: Just Starting

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    Just Starting

    So I've been collecting baseball cards for a few months now. I was a big football and baseball collector growing up as a kid until I got into high school and then I quit. Now I'm getting back into it. I was just going to stick with baseball as that is my favorite sport, but I'm a huge football fan as well and kind of want to get started in that as well.

    I'm trying to figure out who to collect though for football. There are a few guys that I really like, but I don't want to try and collect all of them.

    I want to narrow it down to about 4-5 guys and stick with them, with the exception when I find a really nice card.

    So far I have my list at;

    1. Trent Green - KC Chiefs - I'm a Chiefs fan, they aren't my favorite team, but I like a lot of Chiefs players.

    2. Byron Leftwich - Jacksonville Jaguars - I've always been a Leftwich fan, I saw the game in college where he played with a broken leg or whatever. That just left me in aww and I was a fan since.

    3. Ryan Moats - Philly Eagles - I played as LaTech in NCAA Football a few years back when Moats was there. I never heard of him until then and instantly became a fan so that's my reason.

    The other 2 I don't know. I like a few guys but don't know how much I'd be willing to spend. I'm a college student on a low budget so that's why I don't want to collect guys with cards that cost a lot. I'm open to any suggestions. Please offer any help. This site has been great so far for help and I need it now.



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    What I do is pick a bunch of players that I like (for whatever reason) and collect different types of cards for each of them

    I.E. Terell Suggs and Derek Hagan EVRYTHING!

    Todd Heap: Low end gu's and auto's plus some inexpensive rc's

    Randy McMichael: Base and Inserts plus some inexpensive rc's

    if you need some new guys to collect then take some from colleges you like and your favorite's always nice to have a rookie you are collecting so you can watch them grow or a superstar from you team to get some nice gu/auto's of

    so don't try and collect high-end stuff of everyone but choose who you like the best and who you just like enough to go after low end cards...then start trading!

    (btw i have a moats contenders if you want to trade for it)

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    Well pick a player that you know will come cheap but you can have fun watching him playing in every game.... For me that Greg Jones-- his cards are cheap and hes fun to watch or chris brown for me because i went to highschool with him

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    I forgot to mention this, my favorite teams are of course the Packers, the Browns, and the Chiefs. Favorite colleges are Wisconsin, Wyoming, and Notre Dame. I'm thinking Lee Evans might be fun to collect or Chris Chambers. Brian Calhoun as well, but I doubt he'll play much.

    As of now I'm just trying to figure out who I want to collect for sure and then I'll start looking at buying. I don't have anything to trade at all, just buying.

    Any suggestions on players that may have stuff going for low prices either on here or the bay.

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    Well the five guys you named don't sell for too high...i would buy some stuff of them along with some bigger name tradebait for your list

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    or you can you just be like me and collect every player on a certain team, regardless if they are stars or not.

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    So I'm thinking of just going with Moats and Leftwich for now, depending on how I feel I may try and pick up a few others. What I'm going to do is only get autos and multi color patches. My question now is how expensive do Moats and Leftwich autos/multi colored patches tend to go for? I don't have a lot of money so I don't want to spend to much on just one card, only when it's worth it.

    Thanks for the help.

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    Those 2 guys go pretty cheap especially Leftwich. Good luck on your collection!

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    Leftwich are cheap? I've looked at some and they are like $7-$10. I'm talking the range of like $1-$5 per auto...Sad I know. Another guy that I have interest in is Anthony Davis, RB out of Wisconsin. I might try and start collecting Badger guys along with a few others.

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    Collect some great defensive players, they are always dirt cheap.

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