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Thread: anyone help with these sets

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    anyone help with these sets

    looking to kill off these couple sets

    2005 Bowman Chrome

    2006 Playoff Prestige

    2005 Topps Turkey Red

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    I have

    2005 Bowman chrome
    70 Kurt Warner $0.60 bv

    Turkey red
    97 Clarence Moore $0.50
    98 Jason Witten $0.60
    99 Jake Delhomme $1
    101 Ben Troupe $0.50
    103 Domanick Davis $0.60
    105 Marcus Robinson $0.60
    107 Matt Hasselbeck $0.60
    108 Antonio Pierce $0.50

    all prces are bv. LMK if you still need them

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    I have just about all those...10,14,33,70,82,88,99 & 109, looking for players in my sig.

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    i can use them all.. What do you need in return?

    KC Fanatic
    I have these from your sig that i can trade towards them
    2003 Flair Canton Calling CCTG Tony Gonzalez $10.00 (red swatch)
    2005 Topps Total Total Topps TT4 Priest Holmes $2.50
    2005 Upper Deck 241 Derrick Johnson RC $3.00

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    I already have al those cards you listed, so, is there anything else you have? If not, what kind of trade would you consider for these cards i have for you? Would you do the GU card for all of them, lmk, I probably can trade that stuff you have in my sig.

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    i have no cards of him

    KC Fanatic
    you want the T.G GU for the Bowman Chrome base?

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    mundaym I dont need the cards you are looking for so if you want just send me a buck to help cover shippin and they're yours

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    yeah, If you want to do that? The 6 cards total around 8.00 do you need anything else from Bowman Chrome?

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    if you have any culpepper cards u can throw in that would work

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