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Thread: Looking for Telfair

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    Looking for Telfair

    Looking for jerseys autos and rookies check my tradelist

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    What does your Rip hamilton auto bv and the Yao g/u bv
    I have Telfair ud trilogy g/u

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    I dont have the hamilton anymore and idont know what the yao booksfor but prolly 10-12 dollars

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    i have a reflections telfair (green #/ed to only 25)

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    i coudl trade the telfair for your Ming g/u and Wade victory ud rc

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    yeah but ill be on vacation for 3 days so ill talk to u then

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    ok well i will need you to send first, is that o.k.
    and i will go ahead and post trade

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    INTERESTED IN THIS 03-04 UD Leegends Darryl Dawkins auto
    check my list i have a few telfair gu's and an auto
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    I have an 04-05 SP Authentic Sebastain Telfair Rookie Authentics Rc Auto /1499

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