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Thread: Looking to trade

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    Looking to trade

    If you are looking for GU/Auto please check my bucket. I have lots of inerts also, just ask what team/player youre looking for. I am looking for Chipper inserts and any GU/Auto of any player (but especially the ones listed my sig) that catches my eye. LMK what you have and what you are interested in.

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    Wow, gotta have that Pat Corrales, how often do you find a new card of a bench coach? LOL and I'm interested in the Furcal too. Check out my PC page for anything Braves related.

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    2004 Leaf Limited Threads Dale Murphy #207...Jersey...#43/100
    2006 Topps Co-Signers "Changing Faces Blue" Jeff Francoeur #4B...with Chipper Jones...#85/125

    for the Furcal and the Corrales?

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    I traded the Francoeur the other day, forgot to take it off my the Furcal #'d?

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    happen to know the # of the Furcal, just checking out BVs on Beckett

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    it books for 10, i gotta run. ill get you the # later tonight though

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    really? 2004 Leaf Players Collection Jersey Green Rafael Furcal that the card we are talking about?

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    Fund, I'd like to pick up the CC... BTW, thanks for getting the $ out- hope to see it soon- and sorry about the death in your family

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    aekdb535- yeah. was I a little off on the BV?
    justsandersplease- Im not sure the BV on the CC. I would perfer to trade though but will sell. (thanks)

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