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    Peyton Manning 16X20 Upperdeck Auto Photo

    Peyton Manning 16X20 Upperdeck Authenticated Auto Photo looking to sell as I'm moving and not into cards anymore as you can see I last visited about 6 months ago, need money to dump into my new car. Post a message here or pm me and I'll get back to you asap thanks

  2. SCC - Feb 2018
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    not really sure I havent seen one on ebay in a long while throw out a price and we can go from there

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    $2 dlvd? No i'm just playing. Honestly I dont know I was just curious how much you wanted

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    ummm i'd say what I paid $125 dlvd seems about right to me considering thats what I paid just for the redemption I think thats fair lemme know

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    Hey!!! Don't have the cash But I bet that's A BEAUTY.. Would be Great in My PC.. LOL

    THANKS ALOT!!!!!!

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    thanks it is, just tryin to sell it to someone who would appreciate it more than I am

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