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Thread: looking for auto mini helmets

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    looking for auto mini helmets

    im looking to trade for a few auto mini helmets....mainly looking for ones from Playoff absolute and Topps Reserve. Dont have alot of football but have other sports to trade as well.

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    anyone have any for trade? ill take the common rookies from Absolute and Reserve

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    Hi. I have a total of 39 signed mini helmets but these ones from Topps or Playoff.

    Tim Carter
    Ricky Williams
    Jamal Lewis
    Shaun Alexander

    Check my website under mini helmets

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    who/what are you looking for and what are bv nof the Lewis and Alexander and Carter? LMK thanks

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    The Alexander is $80, Jamal Lewis $60, Tim Carter $30.

    I also have Cade McNown & Looking for things in my sig. Mainly Press Pass auto's

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