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    Rarest Larry Johnson rookie card??

    I recently bought a box of Bowman 03 football hoping to pull a Larry Johnson auto, I hit the jackpot and pulled the version where it came in a hard case and is numbered 3 of 10. I am interested in selling this on ebay does anyone know how much this card is worth or how much I should put the reserve at? As far as I know I am the only person to have recorded pulling this card. thanks for your help!

  2. Kronozio
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    scans of card

    here is the front view of the auto and the number on the back, this came in a box of bowman chrome, the autograph is still in the hard case with the topps uncirculated seal still on the hard case

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    thats an awesome card, hope you get top $$ for it if in fact you do sell it

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    as far as a "value" goes, your looking atleast a grand...the gold refractor /50 books for 800....and as well as he is selling, should be able to get a nice price on it...nice pull...congrats!!

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    well the gold refractor #'d 50 has gone for over 700 so my best estimate would have to say you will top $1000

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    yeah, GREAT PULL!! i wouldnt even know where to start the reserve at but it would have to be around 800-1000! again - VERY NICE!
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    dont even put a reserve, it will go at least 900 and a reserve will make less people bid. Very nice pull!!! congrats

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    I would gladly pay 1000 pesos or lira for that card if you want to part with it!


    Very Nice card by the way!

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