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Thread: Football Cards FT/FS

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    Another two cards I'm looking for are...

    Jamal Lewis SP Authentic Rookie
    Jamal Lewis SPx Rookie

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    Not listed on my site is my base/common inventory. I'm currently getting them all listed. I'm at 682 base/commons listed so far. I still need to do commons from 00' (Year I bought the most.) and 01', as well as Pre-99'. So if you're looking for a certain players tell me and I'll get a common/base list for ya'...

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    i'm intrested in your j hostetler he in raider uni? how much do you want for it?.........joe

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    kckiller ~ Yes, The Hoss is in Raiders Uni. I'd go $6 DLVD on it. That's 30%BV ($5) plus $1 S/H. If interested just reply, Thanks!

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    I have a Janikowski Goal Post Cover card (From the Super Bowl) coming to me, would you be interested? It's 3-Colors. Beckett BV is $40.

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    i'll take it! will you accept a money order? if so pm me your addy and i'll get it out in the morning.......thanx......joe

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