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Thread: Is Anyone buying Finest?

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    Is Anyone buying Finest?

    I hope itsas good as last years? So is anyone picking up a box?

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    I never buy finest, seems to me that maybe a month after it comes out most of the cards take a dive, seems easier to pick and choose singles.

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    I've got a box coming - design looks better than last year i reckon

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    i was about to..
    but then i saw an ad for bowman elevation so i'm going to get that instead.

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    I have completed two pack sales in 6 days of it and presold about 8 boxes so it seems to be a nice product. I would have to agree about bowman elevation though, It looks to be an awesome product

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    I dont think this is a strong draft class(the redemptions being the thing that drives the product) so I hope he prices of these boxes dont go too high.

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