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Thread: Reggie Bush sits out 2006?

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    Reggie Bush sits out 2006?

    Just out of curiosity, if Bush sits out this year and re-enters the draft and can he sign with a different team? This is what he would be trying to accomplish, or do the Saints still have rights on him?


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    I think if he sits out all year, he wont be the same when he comes back. I think he will be in the same breath as Ricky Williams and Maurice Clarett. A wasted talent.

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    If he sits out the season, he is the biggest idiot of all time....

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    unfortunately these overpaid crybabies keep doing it and keep getting away with it.

    Let's just hope he comes to his sences and realizes he is getting a ton of money to play a game and should appreciate it.

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    He wont sit out the entire season .....he'll give in or If Deuce gets injured for a long time or is under performing they'll give in , but then again they still have Bennet ....I have a fealing the Saints are going to win in this contract dispute

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