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Thread: Still looking for Bledsoe

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    Still looking for Bledsoe

    To buy more than likely. I want Auto's and GU's or higher end RC's.

    I'll pay paypall.

    Here is my bucket on the slim chance of a trade.

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    I'm interested in the Marion Barber card you have.

    I do have a Bledsoe Jersey card in Bills uniform, it's on my tradelist.


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    irulesoha- I have this card:

    02 Flair Jersey Heights Drew Bledsoe Jersey (blue)

    What does the Barber Auto book?
    Always looking for Graded Vintage (Pre-1980)

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    i have the 93 Stadium Club RC and RC Error, Topps series 1 +2 RCs, and others, probably skybox. I have a wild card RC also. I gotta look. All for sale. will have a list for u tomorrow

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    It's kind of an odd ball item but I have a 1999 UD Power Deck #PD2 CD of Bledsoe if you're interested.

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    i have a game day rookie of bledsoe you can have it if you need it just pay for shipping about .50

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