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Thread: i need bengals cards

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    i need bengals cards

    need any and all bengals cards so lmk what u have

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    i got TONS of anything not on your trade page or interested in buying? lmk

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    depends on what kind of bengals you want...give me a more narrow list of bengals you are looking for

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    like people from the past 2 or 3 years and base to Autos wahtever u will trade

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    i got a chad auto and a gu in my PC (would need something nice, didn't see any autos/gu on your site though) a bunch of nicer chad rookies (up to $25, but once again, need comparable stuff in return) some newer rookies and a bunch of you have any of the following:

    jason campbell / carlos rogers rookies
    roscoe parrish rookies
    troy williamson rookies

    older (pre 1990) redskins

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    no sorry but i have shaun alexander RC and like 5 ricky williams and edgerin james RC

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