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Thread: How is this for $143.90 DLVD

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    How is this for $143.90 DLVD

    How are these for $143.90 DLVD::

    1 box Topps DP&P 2006 FB
    1 box Donruss Throwback Threads 2005 FB
    1 box Topps Heritage 2005 FB

    Alll are hobby boxes, how is $143.90 DLVD sound?

    I think pretty unbeatable, but any opinions?


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    Well, I saw DP&P for as low as 44.00 online.
    So if the other two are worth 100 to you, the deal is good to go!

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    its a good deal, i wouldn't say unbeatable....its about the same as dave and adams

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    Well, all that do reply, anyone find any better places to buy em from for that price or lower?

    PS: I cant find anywhere cheaper


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    proudestmonkey, yes thats where it is from, I buy from them always, cant find anyone that can really beat em,


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    I just looked on the cheapest site I know of and before shipping it would be 136.19 for the 3 boxes. So it looks good to me.

    Those of you saying it's not a good deal how about you post cheaper prices and from where.

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    Just to add, the place I got my prices from were He will give free shipping if you order +$200. I know most sites offer free shipping with $100 or $150 purchase.

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    lol....thats funny!! i figured you picked them up on the bay or something....they are the cheapest....only place i ever find cheaper is my local hobby shop when rent is due!!

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