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Thread: 5 Rookie Autos- 9 DLVD

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    5 Rookie Autos- 9 DLVD

    Selling these 5 autos for 9.00 delivered. Paypal only please

    2003 Contenders Kenny Peterson RC Stamped NO AUTO 658/674
    2005 Sage Silver Derek Anderson 304/400
    2005 UD Rookie Debut Debut Ink TA McLendon
    2002 Bowmans Best Blue Kelly Campbell RC
    2005 Foundations Rookie Foundations Signatures Kay Jay Harris RC 24/699
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    Why did you put a non-autograph in an autograph lot?

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    its considered an auto because contenders rcs are all autographs- technically its an auto, even though peterson never signed it
    Owner of Roundtablegaming

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    Ok...myself I wouldn't consider it an autograph if it isn't actually signed, but that's me.

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