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Thread: Greetings from Long Island!

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    Greetings from Long Island!

    My name is Matt and I've been collecting hockey and baseball cards since I was about 8 years old. I am a die hard Islanders and Mets fan. I've been collecting more hockey cards than baseball lately, and love to buy those repacked boxes of 100+ cards that include 3-4 packs in it from Target and WalMart. I do buy the occasional pack from my local sports card retailer as well. I also enjoy drawing hockey players as a little side activity when not consumed in my lesson planning and typing out of classwork/homework/tests, as I am a music teacher for the New York City Department of Education, currently going into my 2nd full year.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pwaldo View Post
    Welcome to the site
    Thanks everyone. I've actually been a member on this site for a few years, but have taken some long periods of time off from posting and such. I've been using this site mostly for the TTM manager.

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    Welcome back to SCF, Matt! Go Mets.
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    Hey Matt welcome back to SCF! Mets fan here too!
    New York Giants Super Collector!!

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    Welcome to SCF Matt, have fun here and enjoy yourself!

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