With a 100-card base set that covers the formation and early adventures of Earth’s mightiest heroes, new fans are given a history lesson and there are parallels that come in both Silver (numbered to 100, 1:box) and Gold (numbered to 10, 1:case). Putting this product’s insert sets together will certainly be a challenge worthy of a hobby hero with 41 different Tales of Suspense (1:12 packs), 17 Avenger Roll Call (1:24), and 12 Classic Villains (1:24) to track down.

Sketch cards are found at reasonable odds and artists who put their pens down to cardboard here include Israel Arteaga, Newton Barbosa, Adam Cline, Eman, Joshua Flower, Dave Fox, Mike Lilly, Rhiannon Owens, Tony Perna, Cezar Razek, and Kevin West. Rittenhouse customers ordering multiple cases will also receive additional incentives. Those purchasing six case will receive either an Anthony Tan or Melike Acar sketch card while those choosing to take the route of a nine-case investment will get a Warren Martineck Cover Recreation sketch card. Doubling that purchase to 18 cases will result in an Archive Box loaded up with plenty of strong content as their incentive.