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    Anybody ever had this shipping baseball problem ? Nervous!!!

    Sent a letter to a person and asked if I could send a baseball to them to sign. They sent back saying send it on it'd be there honor. So I sent the ball with tracking and tracking on the return envelope. It got delivered before the 4th and then the person signed and dropped it in the mail, this is the info on the return tracking. Has me kind of worried no tracking update in 5 days and it was being sent back priority mail o

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    If you have tracking then you likely have insurance (hopefully!). I have had similar situations before and they finally got back to me. I can tell you that when you pay the USPS for a 2 day delivery, they only "take it as a suggestion." I have yet to have a package delivered within 2 days that I paid for but eventually it gets to where you want.

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    Ive had similar issues before when I used the automated machine. After I had gotten the tracking info, I bought the return postage. Only problem was that it was attached to the tracking number somehow and every time it got scanned at the sorting facility, it got sent back due to the bar code. Basically, it went back and forth from Phoenix to Scottsdale for a week until I called and they were able to find it and pull it. Dont know if this makes sense, and that was why it was such a pain! May wanna call the USPS and see if they can help you.

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    Yea when I sent it out I left the envelope open and took it to the post office. I told the lady ok I want to send this package priority mail with the tracking. And then when she was done with that I gave her the return envelope and said ok I want the same thing for them to send it back to me. So she gave me a stamp that was like $5.70 and then we added a couple to make it right and then she put the tracking sticker on it and gave me the numbers for both send out and send back tracking. I don't really care if it doesn't get scanned all the way through I just hope it gets here as its a pretty interesting ball and I would hate for it to get lost or damaged in the mail because of the USPS. Hell the ball alone was a 1989 World Series ball that I spent $46 to get.

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    If you know it is "on its way" to you already, and it takes too long, id call sooner than later. HATE to lose something like that!!!! Hope it works out, keep us posted!

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    No baseball yesterday :(. I am hoping for Monday, if not I'll start digging in to it.

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    Well said it was delivered at my mailbox yesterday 7/13 but still no baseball. I hope it comes today :(

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    Well I think my baseball has officially been stolen. I talked to the post office several times and they said that what it was is that I live in an apartment complex so we have a communal mailbox where everyone has a key for there slot. At the bottom of that box there are two bigger slots where they put parcels and then leave a key in your mailbox to open those doors. Well either the mail carrier put the key in the wrong persons box or I unknowingly knocked it out on to the ground when getting the mail and someone found it opened the box and took the package. The post office sent someone out Wednesday night and they opened the entire mailbox and it was no where in there. So now I'm out a 1989 World Series baseball and what I'm sure was a very nice signature and inscription. Not even sure if I want to write the person again and explain what happened and see if he'll sign another. Just kind of bummed about this whole situation right now. What gets me is that I have gotten signed balls put in my regular slot before and never had them put them in the bigger parcel box.

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    Well that sucks a bunch!!!! I (and I know a few others) had at one time thought our mail carriers/warehouse crew were stealing our stuff. Stuff comes back to me opened and empty occasionally. How would it get opened in their custody unless one of them opened it? I just recently sent a ball and never got it back, even though ive seen everyone elses stuff come back since. Sometimes thems the breaks though. Its a chance we take every time. I just sent another one out today! Sorry that happened to you, but dont let it ruin anything for you. Id probably talk to my apartment management about not sharing mailboxes though. That doesn't seem like a good idea.

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