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    2001-02 Fleer Premium Box Break - Troy Murphy insanity

    This was the other box I busted yesterday besides 1998-99 Finest series 2. It was something of a consolation prize box as I initially ordered 2001-02 Fleer Showcase, but it turned up out of stock when the dealer went to send it to me; I chose this to replace it out of the options available since I'm collecting the original Fleer and SkyBox Premium Star Ruby inserts, and there is pretty much a guaranteed Ruby in each box of this.

    Anyway, here are the results -

    Guaranteed memorabilia or auto pull - Premium Performers Jersey Vince Carter (yep, another Carter hit - too bad I didn't pull this when the product came out in 2001!)

    Rookies /1500 - Brendan Haywood, Troy Murphy

    Star Rubies - Speedy Claxton /100, Troy Murphy /50 (both are NFT PC)

    Commanding Respect - Karl Malone

    Rookie Revolution - Tyson Chandler, Troy Murphy (yes, Murphy for the third time :D )

    Solid Performers - Scottie Pippen

    Vertical Heights - Tim Duncan, Karl Malone

    Overall, nothing to really write home about, but getting two Rubies - including a Ruby rookie - was cool even if they weren't among the best players. Design-wise, the inserts are bland, but the base set is really beautiful and well-made with outstanding action photography.

    Worth a purchase at $59; probably easy to get a better box break than mine.

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    Might pick up a box, thanks for the break/review.

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