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    I NEED '06 ELITE ROOKIES #d/599

    LMK what you got...I am building the set and have a LONG way to go...BV's are out now, so at least I know how high the mountain is now.

    If you have some that you want to trade, check my site and lmk what you need in return..thanks!


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    Hey You Liked My 06 Donruss Classic Hodge Auto I Also Have A Elite Mario Williams Rc /599 Lmk

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    I have these 2. Tim Day and Gerald Riggs.
    I like this. Leftwich/F. Taylor/J. Smith- '05 Leaf R&S "Triple Threads" #46/150 ($20)

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    cardinalfan...I already have the Williams, thanks anyways

    colts...I do need both of those, Riggs is ($10) and Day is ($8) you have anything else to even us out, since I would be trading GU for rookies?

    lmk, thanks

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    yeah, that would be fine with me...if you want to post, i'll confirm and send this afternoon

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