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Thread: SGC...anyone?

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    I've noticed that BGS and PSA seem to be the standard for anything post-war II, and that SGC is mostly used for the really early stuff.

    Is is there any reason why people don't use SGC for modern cards (ie. 50's and up)

    The reason I'm asking is because I'd like to get a few cards graded 70s/80s and while I'd like to get PSA they are terribly expensive, the shipping. My LC offers BGS service for $20 card but the BVG/BGS holders are so damn huge :S.

    While SGC is US-based, they do offer a special canadian service where you can send you submission to a canadian address which makes the shipping a lot more bareable.

    Any thoughts?

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    SGC is pretty good but not sure if they have a spacial Canadian Service...
    I think if you have your cards on COMC you can BGS grade them for like around $12...

    Don't see too many hockey cards in SGC from the 80's on ebay....
    But I'd rather have them for old OPC than Beckett.

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    Seems like with graded cards it goes like this:

    PSA: People like for the registry and the premium it gets
    BGS: People like for the great case and the 4 grading stat breakdown
    SGC: People like for older stuff because they grade less trimmed and faked stuff
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    SGC does a really good job, but if and when you need to resell PSA will get higher prices as most buyers factor in crossing the cards back over to PSA. As pwaldo mentioned, the registry is what drives PSA prices so much higher then the others.

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