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Thread: I need some help...

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    I need some help...

    I haven't collected FB cards in probably 8-10 years. My local card shop has a UD Graded Michael Vick RC auto PSA Graded 10 GEM MT selling for $250. Now I'm moving from MI to VA (where Vick is "it") in 2 weeks, should I buy now and sell it when I get to VA or is the price for the Vick at about what I would get for it anyway?

    Thanks for any input.

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    at that price, id buy in a second....books raw at $1500!!! can double that value if it is infact a PSA 10

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    Hey sorry, I double checked on ebay it's actually the 2001 UD Graded auto, not the SPA. Sorry for all the excitement...

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    books about $350 graded gem mint...and most of vicks rookies had a big drop last month (atleast the low/mid end stuff)...tought call, just depends on what the demand is out where you are

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    Hey, I know all about Vick autos. Don't pay that much for it. I know on ebay it wouldn't even hit $200 but thats different. See whats the lowest the that guy will go on it.

    (monkey- I have a Vick SPA GAI 9)

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