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Thread: $18.00 for this card

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    $18.00 for this card

    EDIT= card is a 2005 SPA Adam "pacman" jones Auto/3 color'd patch

    $18.00 dlvd via paypal is my final offer.

    last 3 color'd patch on ebay went for around $25.00! you get $7.00!

    lmk. thanks!

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    anyone? i really need some paypal. hope you can help. thanks

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    i'd like not too. for these reasons:
    1) i baisicly have on idea who im sending too.
    2) i could get totally ripped off. it would be like me sending you a free card.

    i know i have a trader rating of (0), but if been on for about 2 years with no complaints. i've gotton ripped off in the past and i don't like it. but say i did this(send first without payment). how do i know your going to pay?

    if i would have to send first, price would be at 20.00

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    check the rules on this site... with zero trades you can't expect to not send first... Everyone sends first when they start. I will give you $15 via money order if interested but you must send first... check out the feedback

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    ya i would of gave him $18 but i dont know this guy so his lost no biggie

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    yea this guy should send first no problem hes new and both u guys are in double digits...

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