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    Pack Pulled Autographed Card 2006 Bowman

    Fresh out of a pack to a hard holder-Is this certified pack pulled autographed card of Cameron Maybin #B113 This books for $80.00 in the new Beckettes-So who only knows what its going to be next month-As it is now-This is the highest booking autographed rookie card thats listed in the beckettes-
    Im looking to trade this for a nice Albert Pujols-or for a box of 2001 cards that i could get one from-or a box of 1994 UD Retail series-that i could get a Alex Rodriguez RC from-Even though hes in a big slump-Otherwise im looking for more US Silver coins-or old fishing lures
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    What does the regular Bowman Pujols RC book for-would you trade it to me for all

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    Ide have to say that all of the 2006 Bowman Chromes and regulars-The serial numberd cards-X-Fractor-and the light blue one-and the two Alex Gordon cards and the autoed card-Has to at least book for $150 or more-Because theres other nice cards-Like the Bowman Chrome card of #BC110 Kendry Morales and #BC37 of Juan Portes-What shape is the Pujols card in-Or is there somthing elese you have to offer-PLMK What you decide-Thanks

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