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Thread: Ebay Bound?

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    Ebay Bound?

    I wonder what I could get if I put my entire PC (except ARod and Jeter) and Trade list on ebay, all in one shot.

    I'm not having much luck with trading for Derek and Alex so I guess I should just sell everything off and start purchasing singles...take a look and lmk what you think.


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    Nobody has an opinion of what this might fetch?


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    Well, I'm not sure what I'd want...I really want to focus on Jeter/ARod and tried using trade boards but that has not worked out...I either do not have the right cards for Jeter ARod or I'm offered cards I don't need/want...or I'm completely ignored (probably for the first reason)

    So I need to do something and I guess less than what I want is better than hanging on to cards that serve me no purpose...

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    i know this isnt for this thread but i liked these from your site:
    reyes gu jsy
    hafner select auto

    i just received an arod GU /500 also check my site for more you may like

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    Lots don't sell that well. You'll get more individually. I'm selling off my collection little by little as we speak. Single auctions is the only way to go.

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