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Thread: wttf boston Celtics base

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    wttf boston Celtics base

    Looking to trade for Boston Celtics Base. Have plenty of teams to trade. Let me know who your looking for.

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    you collect all basecards of celtics?
    I have a lot at home.
    Do you have basecards of jordan?
    I collect Udonis Haslem - Jeff McInnis - Dale Ellis - Tracy Murray - Rex Chapman - Mo Williams - Michael Jordan
    1998-99 Skybox Metal Fusion Titanium /40
    1996-97 Metal Precious Metal
    All "Metal cards" in 2011-12, 2012-13, 2013-14 Fleer Retro

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    Who are you looking for? Have alot of extra celts. Do you have any extra celts ?
    Looking for Celts. Bird first Priority
    Please Do not tell me to Cyb if you have no Celts.

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    I have a lot of Pierce I am looking to move. I am looking for McGrady, or could trade all my Pierce cards for an auto card. I will get a list together today, and can send a picture later tonight. Thanks
    I collect:
    NY Giants (especially Eli Manning, Evan Engram, Sterling Sheppard, Landon Collins)
    NFL and NBA Rookies of players that became impact players within their sports.
    Unlike many collectors, I am not big on Game Used cards. Will gladly trade GU cards for RCS!

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    I have 200-300 base Celtics base/inserts/RCs/parallels FT... I would need MJ, Pippen , and USA basketball inserts in return... LMK.. thanks
    Concentrating on Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen in USA Team Uniforms...

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    Moderators please close this thread as I am no longer looking for Celtics Thanks

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