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Thread: Looking To Trade Or Sell!!!!!

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    Looking To Trade Or Sell!!!!!

    I need feed back very bad!! really want to get some trades done!! PLZ check my site and LMK if theres anything u can use!! i have a ton of rc's,refractors,inserts, numbered cards, and game used and autos,

    THNXS, Tony

  2. Allgood (eBay Store)
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    hello what is the bv of the wakefield refractor Thanks LMk charlie

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    forgot to add this
    this page has my refractors ft
    and it has link to my main tradepage there
    Thanks again lmk Charlie

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    id like these

    Topps Chrome UH-Jonathan Sanchez

    Topps Chrome UH-Manny Para

    Topps Chrome UH-John Mayberry

    Topps Chrome UH-Cody Haerther

    Topps Chrome UH-Hernan IriBarren

    Topps Chrome UH-Paul Kelly

    Topps Chrome UH-Bill Bray

    Topps Chrome UH-Danny Zell

    Topps Chrome UH-Thomas Diamond
    Topps Chrome UH-Nick Masset

    Topps Chrome UH-Steven Bondurant

    Topps Chrome UH-Billy Sadler

    Topps Chrome UH-Johan Silva

    Topps Chrome UH-George Kottaras

    Topps Chrome UH-Andy Sides

    Topps Chrome UH-Chris Lambert

    Topps Chrome UH-James Houser

    Topps Chrome UH-Paul Maholm

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    the wakefeild books for 10, i liked this could u do a straight up trade?

    Fleer Platinum Fence Busters Manny Ramirez Bat 41 HRs red sox $10

    atrain i liked the griffey jr rc.
    and the rushaun dual. lmk what we can work out

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    well auctuall i like the chriss perry would be better for me, whats the set name and yr

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    hogg heaven rookie premiere its an actual rookie whats book on the ones i want

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