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Thread: WTB/WTTF Devin Smith Autos

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    WTB/WTTF Devin Smith Autos

    I'm trying to collect as many Devin Smith autos as I can this season with the goal of getting to 100 different autos of his by the end of the 2015 releases. Any duplicates I pull are for trade for any auto I do not have. Please let me know what your price is and I will get back to you as soon as I can pay or decline your offer. If you would like to work out a trade, DM me.

    1. Devin Smith UD Inscriptions Base Auto
    2. Devin Smith UD Inscriptions Red Auto #/149 (Inscribed: "OSU")
    3. Devin Smith Bowman Gold Refractor Auto #/75
    4. Devin Smith Bowman Mini Base Auto
    5. Devin Smith Bowman Blue Refractor Auto #/99
    6. Devin Smith Prestige Next Day Signatures
    7. Devin Smith Panini National Auto
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