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    Morgan Rielly auto patch /25 FT/FS

    While at the LCS picking up some supplies I noticed that last year's Ultimate was on sale so I decided to pick up a box. I've never opened this stuff so I figured at this price point why not. Anyways ended up pulling this little gem so was pretty happy.

    Trade wise I am looking for some pretty specific stuff but here goes:

    Oh yeah I do not want cards that have qualifiers!

    80/81 OPC Messier in PSA 8
    76/77 OPC Trottier in PSA 8
    73/74 OPC Larry Robinson in PSA 7
    71/72 OPC Dionne in PSA 7
    70/71 OPC Sittler in PSA 7
    70/71 OPC Perreault in PSA 6
    69/70 OPC Serge Savard in PSA 6

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    I have some nice vintage Jets rookies, some very low pop ... all PSA 10s
    and a couple of others:

    if interested, shoot me a PM to discuss.


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    I unfortunately didn't see anything I could use Kid. Is there anything else that isn't in your bucket? I'm open to HOFer autos, such as Orr, Roy, Lemieux, Messier etc...

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