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    2014-15 OPC Platinum Regular Base Cards

    I have the following extra base cards. Going to drop them all off at my LCS if no one on here needs any.
    Message me if you could use any of the following to complete your set.

    Regular Base
    6,8,10,12,13,18,19,23,27,27,31,33,34,36,36,38 ,40,45,45,48,51,55,58,59,60,60,67,71,
    74,77,89,92,97,100,101,103,105,105,106,110,111,112 ,113,117,123,130,132,133,135,
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    PM has been sent.
    Collect Crown Royale, OPC & McD

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    The list has been updated to meet requests.
    Prizm Rookie Autos 2013-14 395-Rielly

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    The list has been updated. Anyone else need any of the cards to complete their set?
    Prizm Rookie Autos 2013-14 395-Rielly

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    I may need some i'll pm you.
    heres my bucket

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