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Thread: Does Ryan McDonagh Sign?

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    Does Ryan McDonagh Sign?

    The subject says it all. Does Ryan McDonagh sign?

    I was going over my outstanding Panini redemptions and McDonagh seems to be the hold up on my 11/12 Contenders Rangers booklet.

    A quick search on eBay and, minus a stray card or two, the only signed cards that showed up were from his rookie year. That's a long time not to have signed any cards; Long enough for me to start considering a replacement.

    Does anyone have any non-rookie year signed McDonagh cards?

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    There were a couple of singed McDonagh cards in SP Authentic ( and I'm not sure if they are stickers or not. A quick search of the SCF inventory shows a total of 59 McDonagh autos, compared to 132 for Derek Stepan, who had the same rookie year. I would think that McDonagh is not a big signer, but I'm not sure. I also wonder about Panini fulfilling outstanding hockey redemptions. I have a couple of RCs from 13/14 that I am waiting for and I'm not sure if they are ever going to be made.
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    Historically not often, but it looks like now that he's the captain of one of the NHL's most recognizable teams he is signing more. He had some hard-signed content in a few 14-15 products as well as some stickers.
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    I don't remember him having too many autos previously, but seems to have plenty this year. He has hard-signed autos in Ice, Trilogy, SPA, Premier, and sticker autos in BD, Upper Deck, Artifacts

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    Yes, he signs. I have a TON of McD's non-rookie year auto cards. check my Bucket:
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    If I'm not mistaken I believe he just did a private signing with AJ's sports world.

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