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Thread: Trading for pulkkinen

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    Trading for pulkkinen

    An update on my pc
    As many of you know i have been collecting the best rookie the Detroit Redwings Had to offer this year Teemu Pulkkinen (even though Upper Deck Seems to think differently), With everything accept cup being out I am down to the final 6 cards needed so i figured id do an update with all the cards that i currently have.
    My Final 6 Needs are:
    1. 2014-15 Artifacts Spectrum #139 Teemu Pulkkinen
    2. 2014-15 SP Authentic #316 Teemu Pulkkinen AU RC
    3. 2014-15 SP Authentic Limited #316 Teemu Pulkkinen JSY AU/100
    4. 2014-15 Ultra Platinum Medallion #RR219 Teemu Pulkkinen
    5. 2014-15 Upper Deck Premier Rookies Jerseys Gold Spectrum #R9 Teemu Pulkkinen JSY
    6. 2014-15 Upper Deck Premier Rookies Jerseys Silver Spectrum #R9 Teemu Pulkkinen JSY
    If you have any of these please let me know i would gladly buy or trade them from you!
    Recent Pickups

    Now for the pc pics!



    Black Diamond




    OPC Retro

    OPC Platinum

    OPC Platinum Retro



    SP Game Used


    SPX Finite



    Upper Deck

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    trading trading trading!

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    Let's Finnish this!!!

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    I have his FWA:

    View my traders and see if you like anything to go with it. I like the Carey Price National Treasures triple jersey auto. Would you trade it?

    Please send me a PM.

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    Still looking for Pulkkinens!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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