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    Post Great review on an Assorted box!

    Hello again everyone!

    Today I had the urge to buy a box of cards when I was at my cabin. So on my way home i stopped at a Pamida retail store and looked at there sports collectors section. What I decided to get was 2 boxes of 15 assorted packs. Each packs were from different years..and each package that contained the 15 packs you get at LEAST 1 autograph. We'll I thought the cards would be kinda crappy since there from a retail store...But there not!
    here's a list of what I got... I did not list all of them..but some.

    You get 15 packs from different years for only $14.99!

    1. 2001 Kwame Cavil Playoff Absolute Rookie #'d1888/3000
    2.2000 Skybox Shyron Stitch RC
    3.2000 skybox Todd Pinkston RC
    4. 2000 Stadium Club Goal to Go Emmitt Smith
    5.KOreen Robinson,Bobby Newcombe,Heath Evans ,Justin Smith
    2001 Victory Rookies...(all seperate cards but too long to type)

    Now the Real good stuff!!

    (2) 2000 Fleer Autographics

    Quinton Spotwood RC auto #140/250=$12

    (here's the big one)

    Emmitt Smith Fleer Autographics auto #136 BV=$150!!!!

    So If any one is think about buying one of these assorted packs buy them!! Well worth the priceof $15!

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    I honestly agree with you 100%

    The retail assorted packs are better then hobby. I have never pulled anything good out of hobby

    I pulled an emmitt smith/troy aikamn dual jersey dual auto card that i sold for $450 and a roy williams honors rookie jersey o card # /25 that i sold for 100

    Congrats on the great pulls man and never lose faith in retial, they are honeslty a better bargain then most hobby packs


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    I agree, too. I just had some GREAT pulls from a 20 pack box for $19.99. I also picked up some packs and pulled a Willie Mays auto from retail. Retail pays off Never lose faith like Jay said.


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    Retail is great ~ I have had almost no luck at my hobby shop and the prices are Sky high!

    I have pulled a bunch of nice Jerseys and Autos from those $9.99 & $19.99 Kmart boxes made or distributed by Vintage!

    It's a really good deal!

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