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Thread: Help with hobby boxes

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    Help with hobby boxes

    Hey i was wondering, i got a $100 right now, and i was thinking about getting a box, but i am hearing that so far this years' boxes arent great. should i wait for later boxes or get one right now, if so which one should i get right now. thanks for anyone's input.

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    I would go with, pretty unbeatable prices, and check my site while u r at it to see if u need any 49ers i might have for ya


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    hey i would go with 2 boxes of topps dp and p 2006 fball should cost slightly under 100 bucks take care spuds

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    Dont get DPP....they dont make anything great except there autos and those are guaranteed in a box. I did a box war with that kind and both boxes were junk. Just my opinion

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