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Thread: Selling Everything!

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    Selling Everything!

    Its been a while since Ive been on, I am selling everything I have. PM me after checking my link...I am also working on a list of all the fitzgerald stuff I have. Also will sell anything I have listed on ebay, id is rangerboy42883 thanks

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    do you have any andrew luck or arron rodgers rookies? i would be interested in them. can i also get a price on your manning autos? thanks a lot

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    I am interested in a bunch. Could you make me a nice $200 lot? I like the following, LMK what you think.

    Earl Campbell SPx /5
    Gronk Contenders BGS
    Drew Brees Auto
    Peyton Manning Auto's (any of 3)
    Matt Ryan Patch Auto

    Would also be interested in a nice Fitz Patch Auto RC.
    Super Collecting Greg Salas, Mike Davis. Collecting Ricky Williams, Roy Williams WR, Mike Alstott, Vince Young (UT) (GU, patches, & autos only), 1999-2009 Elite UT Longhorns base, S/N and autos, Chicago Bears, and UT Longhorns.
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    Whenever you get that Fitz list in order, I'd love to take a look.

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