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    05 crosby

    Just picked up Sids Cup parallel sweet 3 clr. If you had your choice between the Cup parralel and the Ice which would you pick? (:

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    UD The Cup would win for me everyday of the week. :) Congrats on the huge pickup!
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    Have to go with The Cup on that one.
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    Had the choice and its a tough one. The Parallels seem to out sell the ice rookies though. The thing that pushed me over on the Cup/87 though was the fact that Cup actually used game used patches in everything that year. That inclided the true rcs and the gold parallels. Thats why i grabbed the parallel (:

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    That Ovi is a great one. But if were talking graded id take the cup parallel 3 clr bgs 9.5 over the Ovi rc.. and id take a pristine 10 ice Crosby over them both lol.. its tough once we start talking garded copies lol

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    I say give me about 12k and ill buy all 3 lmao

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    Quote Originally Posted by KingKuba View Post
    Probably get ovie /99 bgs 9.5 ...3 color instead...

    Why hijack the op's thread? The ovie wasn't even part of the equation. Buzz off.

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